302 A Drops Rx

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If ever there were a truly magical elixir, this may just be it.  The 302 A Drops Rx is one of the most powerful and effective formulas available today.  Designed to penetrate deeply into the skin, this serum repairs and renews damaged and aged skin at the cellular level.  It helps to regulate the production of melanin while simultaneously increasing the production of collagen, for a smooth, healthy, and even-toned complexion.  When used correctly, 302 A Drops RX will completely restore your skin to a firm and youthful appearance that remains soft to the touch.

Product Description

302 A Drops Rx is an all-natural, clear, lipid-soluble formula that penetrates the skin with stable vitamin A. This powerful anti-aging treatment serum works on multiple levels to beautify the appearance of your skin and enhance your look. First, it smoothes the skin for a more youthful appearance. Second, it clears clogged pores and epidermal congestion to reduce breakouts. Third, it lifts away age spots and provides a more even skin tone. 

Penetrating the epidermis to deliver active ingredients to skin cells where they can do the most good, 302 A Drops Rx stimulates skin cell activity to restore balance to the skin. This means increased skin cell renewal and production of collagen for a firmer, more toned complexion that looks and feels younger. 

Recommended Skin Types

302 A Drops Rx is recommended for all skin types and is particularly formulated for:
Aging skin
Oily, acne prone skin
Hyper-pigmentation, age-spots
Fine lines and wrinkles
-Lifts away dark spots and hyper-pigmentation for a more even skin-tone
-Balances oily, acne-prone skin to prevent breakouts and blemishes
-Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
-Rebuilds thin, damaged, and weak skin for more thickness at the epidermal level
-Repairs sun-damaged DNA in skin cells
-Helps build new capillaries for improved circulation in the epidermis
-Regulates the skin’s production of melanin to prevent the formation of age spots
-Lowers sebaceous gland production of oil to prevent clogged pores and -breakouts
-Brightens the entire complexion for a radiant tone
-Fragrance free, acid free, and essential oil free
How to Apply
After cleansing, apply a small amount of 302 A Drops Rx to the face and neck using the fingertips in light, upward strokes. Allow to absorb completely. Use 1-3 times weekly for best results. Follow up with 302 Ointment Rx.

Avoid excessive exposure to the sun when using this product.
Discontinue use if irritation takes place.
Do not use if you are or may be pregnant or nursing.

INGREDIENTS: Organic jojoba oil, avocado extract, caprylic/capric triglycerides, retinyl palmitate.