302 Hydrating Mask Rx

302 Hydrating Mask Rx

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A rich, creamy, occlusive mask that spreads easily and immediately hydrates dry, irritated skin. Emollients and hydrators leave a very moist residual without greasy or sticky feel. Can be layered or mixed with Avocado Mask and Treatment Mask.
Excellent for skin that is dry and irritated, immediate moisturizing feel.

Cleanse skin. Apply immediately or after application of other products. Leave on skin for 5-10minutes, may be left on or removed.

Topical use only. For home care, limit application to not more than once per week

Ingredients: Organic green tea, kosher glycerine, ceresin wax, methyl glucose esters, beeswax, glucose sesquistearate, polyglucose derived surfactant, mixed silicones, cellulose polymer, lemon verbena extract, lavender extract.