302 Normal/Dry Cleanser

302 Normal/Dry Cleanser

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This is a very creamy, rich, lotion cleanser that really soothes and moisturizes, never defats dry skin. An outstanding skin softener noticeable after the first application. Preservative free combination of skin cleansing and skin softening in a very mild base. Desirable activity results from low molecular weight avocado extracts that exhibit anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory properties.

Instructions: Shake contents gently before use, this is a natural product and some separation may occur. Apply to dry, unwetted skin as you would a lotion, especially to areas of applied makeup. Allow to penetrate for 10-30 seconds. Apply a second amount and water to work a creamy non-foaming lather for another 10-30 seconds. Rinse immediately and thoroughly until all traces of 'slipperiness' to your skin goes away. Every few days, use the Face & Body Bar in combination with this cleanser on the face.

Precautions: Topical use only. Apply to test area and wait 24 hours. If irritation develops, discontinue.

Ingredients: Certified organic extracts of lavandula (lavender), chamomile matricaria (chamomile) and mellisa officinalis (lemon balm) in an aqueous base; kosher glycerine; coconut derived amphoteric surfactant, avocado triglycerides, polyglucose derived surfactant, NF emulsifier, cellulose polymer, alkylated sugars from sugar beets, avocado extract, lavender oil, peppermint oil.