302 Purity

302 Purity
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A sanitizing product for acne that can be used as a waterless cleanser or as a pre-cleanser before applying wash-off products such as A-Boost Rx, Moisturizing Drops Rx, 302 Sensitive Drops Rx or 302 Drops Rx. 302 Purity is a very effective substitute for damaging antibacterial products such as benzoyl peroxide.

Skin Types

Purity is compatible with any skin type.

How to use

Apply to skin with cotton pad or with cleansed fingertips - smooth evenly and either leave on or rinse well depending on usage. Rinse well if using as pre-cleanser before applying wash off products. 


Avoid eyes. Contains ethanol. Discontinue use if irritation develops. Reduce frequency of use if dryness develops. 


Citrus, lemon and organic green tea extracts, carbomer, ethanol, kosher glycerine.