302 Detox Kit

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Detox describes a process to eliminate skincare product dependency and also to re-normalize the metabolism and histology of the skin. It is useful for aging and acne.

Skincare products when over applied for misapplied cause a clinical or sub-clinical irritation response that over time is inflammatory and accelerates aging and acne breakouts. Some makeup, moisturizers, cleansers, antibacterials, and strong anti-aging metabolites all may play a role in causing irritation and breakouts.

The products in the Detox Kit must be used exclusively to be effective.

When the skin becomes dry, has poor tone, or there are frequent rashes or acne outbreaks; or if the skin is raw or, itching and weak, it's time to use the Detox Kit to bring the skin back to normal functioning.

The process can take a few days to a month or longer, depending on the severity of the problem. Your skin will recover and you may then begin the process of rebuilding and strengthening.


1. Wash gently twice a day with Sensitive Cleanser Rx. Apply like a lotion to dry skin with dry hands. Massage in. Now rinse very well with warm water. If skin is very sensitive, cleanse only once per day.

2. Apply Revive Rx morning and evening. If skin is very sensitive, use only once per day or even every other day. It will help to reduce itching and rash/acne. The product may tingle and impart a slight ammonia scent for a moment. Keep away from eyes.

3. Mist area with Calming Mist Rx. This mist will provide relief from rash and helps against bacteria with green tea extracts. It can be applied anytime. Leave skin damp and go to next step.

4. Apply Remedy Rx. Take a small amount and spread evenly across face using Calming Mist Rx to help spread a very thin, light layer. It should be unnoticeable. This can be done morning and evenings. It helps reduce rash and protects against the sun.